15 June 2004

Yahoo Mail expands to 100 mb

Today I logged into my Yahoo mail account, and realized I had 2 gb of email space. 2 gb. That's a lot of room for spam. Because I am a Yahoo plus subscriber (subscribed until Feb) they automatically bumped up my storage from 25 mb to 2 gb. Quite a jump. Does anyone really need 2 gb of storage for email? The normal Yahoo mail account has also been increased, from 4 mb to 100 mb. Wonder how Hotmail is planning on keeping up with the ever expanding email war. Maybe throw in a free copy of Office? hah hah. Anyways, I guess now I'll go ahead and keep my Yahoo account as well.

On another note, ESPN Page 2 columnist Ralph Wiley died last night of a heart attack. He was 52. Life is short. I only began reading his articles recently. I'm playing catch up now. One of my favorite columns was the one he wrote about the career of David Robinson. Hope you enjoy.