08 August 2005

From the Axim!

Testing to see if I can write a blog via pda...

08 February 2005

Twice as nice!

Stop the presses! New post alert! Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted. Just wanted to let everyone know that Vanessa and I just celebrated our second anniversary. Altogether now - "Awwwww". Thank you, thank you. We had dinner at a nice restaurant called Bistro 88. They serve fusion food (Asian + European). Very fu-fu. (is that even a word?) It was delicious, but be prepared to spend about $88 bucks. You've been warned.

Also, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, Google went ahead and released version 2 of Picasa, their free photo editing/organizing software. Check it out at www.picasa.com. Thanks Google for remembering us! You shouldn't have!