21 June 2004

Stylin' new specs!

I've had the same glasses for almost 5 years now. My wife kept telling me that I needed new ones, but of course, I'm cheap. hah hah. It wasn't until my glasses kept falling off my head when I bent over that I realized she was right. After a little searching on Fatwallet, I discovered Optical4less, and their prices were unbeatable. I decided on this style, and got them for $59 shipped, for the complete package. I must admit, not being able to try them on was a little nerve-wracking. I was afraid they might make me look a little fobby. Well, I received them yesterday, and the quality and style of the glasses are great. Optical4less definitely gets my 2 thumbs up!

Wi-Fi Enabled Rest Areas...only in Texas!

Heard about this over at Slashdot. Check out the press release here. Who says Texas is a backwards state? Yee-hah!!! This news makes me want to go lasso some cattle!