04 March 2008

Super Two-sday!

Our wonderful boy turns 2 today! Goodbye baby blues, and hello terrible twos! We threw him a little birthday party this past Sunday in San Antonio, with family and a few close friends.

As usual, he received a ton of gifts from his proud grandparents. The gift that he will be using the most in the near future is his new Fun-to-Learn Potty! See the look of dread in Benjamin's face in the photo to the right.

Here are the lyrics to one of the happy songs it plays after a succesful #1 or #2 -

Look at me!
I can use my own potty
And it makes me feel so very proud
When everybody cheers out loud!

I will be the first to admit that I don't think proud would be my first feeling if people started cheering after I walked out of the bathroom at Starbucks. Hopefully Benjamin will not be too traumatized by this toilet.

Today also marks the day that Texas and Ohio will decide who will be the Democratic candidate. A couple of weeks ago, the University of Texas hosted the CNN debate between Obama and Hilary. We decided to check out the scene on campus that day. It was pretty crazy, like a political College Gameday! The Obamicans and Hillarites were going at it!

Later that night, we went home and watched the debate. Most pundits believe the Texas debate was a draw, with neither side landing a knockout punch. In other words, a waste of time.

But now, onto the real question of the day - Who is the birthday boy's choice? Who will Benjamin endorse? The video below reveals what he thinks of the candidates...