29 November 2004

There I go again...

Oops...looks like another 4 months have passed by without a post. Man, what is wrong with me? I know I have disappointed my legions of fans...er fan (Jimmy) and for that I apologize. Let the posting begin anew!

16 July 2004

Free photo software!

Gotta love Google. They just bought Picasa, a company that developed an easy-to-use photo editing/management program, and are now offering it for free! They used to charge $29 for the program. Free is much better. ;) Let me know if you like it. I think it's got a very nice user interface, similar to Iphoto for the Mac, and better than Adobe Photoshop Album 2. Just my two cents.

08 July 2004

It's not Gmail, but....

In case you haven't been able to acquire a Gmail account, try Walla. I'm not sure what Walla means, but it does rhyme with Holla. Anyways, the company is based in Israel, and they recently began offering 1 gig of email storage for free.

06 July 2004

$500 pack of basketball cards

Check out this crazy article from ESPN on the new gold standard in trading cards.

I used to collect basketball cards back in the day, but never thought it'd reach this level. Wonder if Vanessa will let me shell out $500 for a pack...hah hah, as if.

The customer ain't always right!...at least according to Best Buy

Read this interesting article today about Best Buy's new policy. Basically, they've decided to classify customers that they can't make money off of as "demon customers". Just because I pride myself as a savvy shopper, doesn't mean they need to start calling me names! Of course, I don't stoop so low as to return stuff that I've already mailed in the rebate for. That's not cool. But I definitely do comparison shop, especially since we live in the Internet age, where everything is usually cheaper online. Newegg anyone?

All that being said, I am interested in seeing how Best Buy plans on enforcing their new policies. Might have to start taking my business elsewhere.

21 June 2004

Stylin' new specs!

I've had the same glasses for almost 5 years now. My wife kept telling me that I needed new ones, but of course, I'm cheap. hah hah. It wasn't until my glasses kept falling off my head when I bent over that I realized she was right. After a little searching on Fatwallet, I discovered Optical4less, and their prices were unbeatable. I decided on this style, and got them for $59 shipped, for the complete package. I must admit, not being able to try them on was a little nerve-wracking. I was afraid they might make me look a little fobby. Well, I received them yesterday, and the quality and style of the glasses are great. Optical4less definitely gets my 2 thumbs up!

Wi-Fi Enabled Rest Areas...only in Texas!

Heard about this over at Slashdot. Check out the press release here. Who says Texas is a backwards state? Yee-hah!!! This news makes me want to go lasso some cattle!

15 June 2004

Yahoo Mail expands to 100 mb

Today I logged into my Yahoo mail account, and realized I had 2 gb of email space. 2 gb. That's a lot of room for spam. Because I am a Yahoo plus subscriber (subscribed until Feb) they automatically bumped up my storage from 25 mb to 2 gb. Quite a jump. Does anyone really need 2 gb of storage for email? The normal Yahoo mail account has also been increased, from 4 mb to 100 mb. Wonder how Hotmail is planning on keeping up with the ever expanding email war. Maybe throw in a free copy of Office? hah hah. Anyways, I guess now I'll go ahead and keep my Yahoo account as well.

On another note, ESPN Page 2 columnist Ralph Wiley died last night of a heart attack. He was 52. Life is short. I only began reading his articles recently. I'm playing catch up now. One of my favorite columns was the one he wrote about the career of David Robinson. Hope you enjoy.

11 June 2004

And the winner is...

After conferring with a few colleagues to get their respected opinions, I narrowed the choices down to three:

1. samuelyu@gmail.com
2. scamyu@gmail.com
3. yumail@gmail.com
4. yugotmail@gmail.com

Upon further consideration, while the last 3 are quite clever, and I'm hoping they will be available later, I decided to go with the more standard samuelyu@gmail.com, especially after I found out that my wife's choice for her address, vanessayu@gmail.com was taken already. Better get it while I can! So from now on, please all correspondence to samuelyu@gmail.com

Thanks go out to my lovely wife Vanessa, Mitchell, Jon, David, Manuel, Tino and of course Jimmy for helping me make this difficult decision.

10 June 2004

My Gmail Dilemma

Two posts in 1 day...I'm on a role! Okay, here's my dilemma that I need some help with. I just got an offer to join Gmail. For those who don't know, Gmail is the new email service by Google that offers 1 GB of storage space for your emails. You read it right, 1 GB. Anyways, Gmail signup is not open to the public yet. How did I get in you might ask? Gmailswap.com! Check it out if you want. Okay, now here's my dilemma. I was going to use heyyu@gmail.com. However, you need a minimum of 6 characters! So now I am stuck. Here are the choices I've narrowed it down to:

1. asiansensation
2. scamyu
3. thelastscamurai
4. scammy
5. scammer
6. samuelyu
7. muhanyu

So whattaya think? I need your help! Let me know which one you think works the best.

I'm a little slow

Wow, only 2 years between posts! At this rate, I will have only 50 or so more posts to write before I die.