10 April 2008

Big 12 > ACC...? Discuss.

Congratulations to Kansas, winners of the 2008 NCAA Basketball National Championship! And congrats also to everyone who watched the game, as it turned out to be one of the best championship games in NCAA history. You may be asking, what was the best NCAA championship of all time? That title, according to ESPN, goes to the 2006 Rose Bowl title game between UT and USC. (Hook 'em Horns!)

Had some UNC friends in town for the Final Four, so we went down to meet up with them this past weekend in San Antonio. Turns out their flight got delayed and so they had to rush straight to the Alamodome and we didn't get to see them at all. Needless to say, they weren't too happy after Kansas basically blew out the Tarheels in the first half of that game. On a happier note, they were able to sell their tickets to Monday's championship game for a pretty penny. Word of warning, turns out there were undercover cops busting people for selling tickets after the game, charging them with scalping and fining them $2000. Ouch.

The Alamodome is not a good place to watch basketball. It is a football stadium, but in order to be able to sell more tickets, they use it for basketball. I remember when the Spurs used to play there and how there really wasn't a home court advantage because the fans were so spread out from the court. My point in all this is that I was shocked at what some people paid for the nosebleed seats for the Final Four. The shot below is taken from the worst seats in the Alamodome, which still cost these unlucky stiffs $275. Better to have put that money towards a nice HDTV.