01 March 2008

Cover models!

Found this neat site that lets you upload photos and turn them into magazine covers. I found a cute recent photo, uploaded it, and it seemed to match this magazine title the best. Looking forward to seeing who will make it on the cover next!

27 February 2008

Oh No...the Big Three-Oh!

Guess who turns 30 today? My lovely wife can no longer say she is in her late twenties anymore. She was a little sad about that, but I told her she should be happy that people still mistaken her for a college student. Believe it or not, she's even been mistaken for a high schooler on a few occasions! Not bad for a mother of a two-year old. Yes, I am a lucky guy.

I gave Vanessa a surprise birthday party this past Sunday, and it turned out great, if I do say so myself. I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Tiffany and Diana, who came over to "babysit" so I could take Vanessa out for an afternoon date.

While we were out, the girls set up all the party decor and got everything ready for the big surprise. I was in continual contact with Tiffany via text message to find out how things were progressing, and to see if guests had arrived yet. I was pretty confident that Vanessa had no idea what was in store for her, but when she kept on asking me who I was texting, I began to have my doubts.

After stalling for time by taking Vanessa to the Sprint store to look at phones and then to Randalls to buy groceries, Tiffany texted me that the guests had arrived and that everything was finally ready. We pulled into the driveway and entered the house. As we came into the dining room, everyone shouted "Surprise!" and the tears began to flow from Vanessa's eyes. Okay, I made that last part up. But she was quite happy and surprised that I was able to pull something like that off without her knowing about it. "He shoots, he scores!" Can you say "major brownie points"?

On a different note, this was my first post in about two weeks. Vanessa has turned into quite the blogger, with a new post just about everyday. I think she is a great writer and am glad she has found a way to express herself. However, I am slowly but surely being left behind by her in the blogosphere. She has been exhorting me to pick up the pace, and I will do my best to comply, if only to get some more brownie points. ;)