11 June 2004

And the winner is...

After conferring with a few colleagues to get their respected opinions, I narrowed the choices down to three:

1. samuelyu@gmail.com
2. scamyu@gmail.com
3. yumail@gmail.com
4. yugotmail@gmail.com

Upon further consideration, while the last 3 are quite clever, and I'm hoping they will be available later, I decided to go with the more standard samuelyu@gmail.com, especially after I found out that my wife's choice for her address, vanessayu@gmail.com was taken already. Better get it while I can! So from now on, please all correspondence to samuelyu@gmail.com

Thanks go out to my lovely wife Vanessa, Mitchell, Jon, David, Manuel, Tino and of course Jimmy for helping me make this difficult decision.

10 June 2004

My Gmail Dilemma

Two posts in 1 day...I'm on a role! Okay, here's my dilemma that I need some help with. I just got an offer to join Gmail. For those who don't know, Gmail is the new email service by Google that offers 1 GB of storage space for your emails. You read it right, 1 GB. Anyways, Gmail signup is not open to the public yet. How did I get in you might ask? Gmailswap.com! Check it out if you want. Okay, now here's my dilemma. I was going to use heyyu@gmail.com. However, you need a minimum of 6 characters! So now I am stuck. Here are the choices I've narrowed it down to:

1. asiansensation
2. scamyu
3. thelastscamurai
4. scammy
5. scammer
6. samuelyu
7. muhanyu

So whattaya think? I need your help! Let me know which one you think works the best.

I'm a little slow

Wow, only 2 years between posts! At this rate, I will have only 50 or so more posts to write before I die.