10 June 2004

My Gmail Dilemma

Two posts in 1 day...I'm on a role! Okay, here's my dilemma that I need some help with. I just got an offer to join Gmail. For those who don't know, Gmail is the new email service by Google that offers 1 GB of storage space for your emails. You read it right, 1 GB. Anyways, Gmail signup is not open to the public yet. How did I get in you might ask? Gmailswap.com! Check it out if you want. Okay, now here's my dilemma. I was going to use heyyu@gmail.com. However, you need a minimum of 6 characters! So now I am stuck. Here are the choices I've narrowed it down to:

1. asiansensation
2. scamyu
3. thelastscamurai
4. scammy
5. scammer
6. samuelyu
7. muhanyu

So whattaya think? I need your help! Let me know which one you think works the best.

1 comment:

  1. Ratnugget: cool place (not as cool as mine though)... take scamyu or samuel yu... other choice exist like... overcomer... aznsensazn... samneulmuhanyu... vanessas_man... vaness_love you get the idea... you better update daily (or at least weekly)