09 March 2009

Birthday Party fun

This past Saturday the rain stayed away, and Benjamin ended up having a great time at his birthday party, despite the fact that he didn't want to hit the pinata. (Note to self: do not let pinata become a part of the family by letting it stay in the house for over six months before getting "whacked" at birthday party). However, everyone else did a good job of putting the Kung-fu panda pinata to good use, and it rained candy for everyone. The candy probably helped comfort Benjamin, who at the end of the violence, turned to me and said "Panda dead, daddy." Here's hoping this poor kid won't need any counseling in the future.

Good thing Caroline was there to help cheer him up! The above photo was taken by our friend Melissa. You can see the rest of the party pics here. She's obviously very talented and is willing to take the extra step necessary to capture the perfect shot. She even climbed up a tree, fought off giant tree roaches and got slightly injured in the process, just to get some good pinata shots. So, if you're looking for someone to help capture memories at your next wedding/bar mitzvah/birth, be sure to give her a ring.