08 July 2004

It's not Gmail, but....

In case you haven't been able to acquire a Gmail account, try Walla. I'm not sure what Walla means, but it does rhyme with Holla. Anyways, the company is based in Israel, and they recently began offering 1 gig of email storage for free.

06 July 2004

$500 pack of basketball cards

Check out this crazy article from ESPN on the new gold standard in trading cards.

I used to collect basketball cards back in the day, but never thought it'd reach this level. Wonder if Vanessa will let me shell out $500 for a pack...hah hah, as if.

The customer ain't always right!...at least according to Best Buy

Read this interesting article today about Best Buy's new policy. Basically, they've decided to classify customers that they can't make money off of as "demon customers". Just because I pride myself as a savvy shopper, doesn't mean they need to start calling me names! Of course, I don't stoop so low as to return stuff that I've already mailed in the rebate for. That's not cool. But I definitely do comparison shop, especially since we live in the Internet age, where everything is usually cheaper online. Newegg anyone?

All that being said, I am interested in seeing how Best Buy plans on enforcing their new policies. Might have to start taking my business elsewhere.