06 July 2004

The customer ain't always right!...at least according to Best Buy

Read this interesting article today about Best Buy's new policy. Basically, they've decided to classify customers that they can't make money off of as "demon customers". Just because I pride myself as a savvy shopper, doesn't mean they need to start calling me names! Of course, I don't stoop so low as to return stuff that I've already mailed in the rebate for. That's not cool. But I definitely do comparison shop, especially since we live in the Internet age, where everything is usually cheaper online. Newegg anyone?

All that being said, I am interested in seeing how Best Buy plans on enforcing their new policies. Might have to start taking my business elsewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Despite all the press about Best Buy and demon customers, check out this quote from the April 2005 Promo magazine (sidebar "The Five Best Customers" to article "Mass in Transit") by Barry Judge, senior VP-consumer and brand marketing, Best Buy: "There are no demon customers...Mostly all consumers can be profitable. If they're not, it's because of a bad business model. It's stuff that we did to make then unprofitable, so we fix the business model."