11 June 2004

And the winner is...

After conferring with a few colleagues to get their respected opinions, I narrowed the choices down to three:

1. samuelyu@gmail.com
2. scamyu@gmail.com
3. yumail@gmail.com
4. yugotmail@gmail.com

Upon further consideration, while the last 3 are quite clever, and I'm hoping they will be available later, I decided to go with the more standard samuelyu@gmail.com, especially after I found out that my wife's choice for her address, vanessayu@gmail.com was taken already. Better get it while I can! So from now on, please all correspondence to samuelyu@gmail.com

Thanks go out to my lovely wife Vanessa, Mitchell, Jon, David, Manuel, Tino and of course Jimmy for helping me make this difficult decision.

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