10 January 2008

Cabo San Lucas pictures are up!

I took the time to upload and caption photos from our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. You can see them here. I have come to the recent conclusion that photos that are boring are even more boring without captions. There is already enough boredom in the world so I took it upon myself to caption every single one of my photos. Every single photo. Perhaps by doing this I was able to move the scale on some of my photos from boring to semi-interesting.

Unfortunately, when you take as many photos as I do, editing, posting and captioning takes a lot of time. The sheer amount of photos I take makes the thought of editing and posting and captioning very, very unappealing. Maybe the key is to limit myself to how many photos I can take per event. Then I won't have to worry about all the post-work. Of course, then I might miss out on that one semi-interesting to semi-great shot. Sigh...wonder if this is one of the conundrums that Ansel Adams faced.

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