27 October 2008

Dino-fun at Zilker!

I spent 3 hours today installing our new dishwasher after our old one gave up the fight after a brief 5 years of service. I am by no means the master of home improvement (just ask my dear wife), but since I installed the original dishwasher 5 years ago, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Turns out, some cakes take a long long time to make. Needless to say, that’s 3 hours of my life I won’t be getting back again. But it wasn’t all bad. Today, we finally made it over to the Zilker Botanical Gardens for the Dinoland exhibit! It was a beautiful day for a family outing, the sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot.

When we arrived, parking was an issue. It took us a good 15 minutes to find a spot. Guess Dinoland is a popular place! Admission is free for kids under 3, everyone else is $5/person. The last time we were in the Botanical Gardens was when we took our engagement photos, almost 7 years ago(!) I must say, ZBG is still as beautiful as ever. If you are graduating from high school/college or need to take special occasion photos, you can’t go wrong taking them there. That’s my free tip of the day.

As for Dinoland, it was a huge hit for the dinosaur fan in our family. Benjamin liked it too. :)  He kept saying “big dinosaurs” in awe.   He enjoys his “little dinosaurs”  (the dino-chicken nuggets from Costco, which I highly recommended to all nugget fans) so he was amazed at seeing them full-size. If you’ve got a little dino-fan you know, I suggest you take them to the Dinoland exhibit. It runs until November 30th.  Below you will see some photos from the exhibit. The last one is from our lunch at P. Terrys, which has some of the best burgers in town. Okay, that’s my second free tip of the day. Aren’t you glad you read this post?

  IMG_3792-1  IMG_3796-1

 IMG_3858-1 IMG_3862-1



  1. Oh, those are great pictures. Fun times!

    You KNOW you got major brownie points with Vanessa for those well-invested three hours!

  2. I love the photos..especially the one with Ben holding his hamburger..I really need to try that place.

  3. Yeah, it's very good! Maybe we can all meet there for dinner one of these Monday nights! By the way, he is actually eating a chicken burger, which are also way awesome.

  4. Super Cute Pics, Sam!!!
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    Nicolle Boswell