20 January 2011

Happy 2011!

I have decided I need to properly document my resolutions for the year. In no specific order, here they are -

1. Exercise more.
2. Eat less.
3. Blog more.
4. Tweet less.
5. Save more.
6. Spend less.
7. Read more.
8. Watch less.
9. Learn more.
10. Worry less.
11. Pray more
12. Stress less.

Not sure if those are even grammatically correct. But you know what, it's my blog, so shut up already. ;)


  1. hee hee to the above!!

    Good list, here's a shorter version, I read a nice article on the other day:

    Need less. Live more.

    Life isn't the stuff we get, it's what we do with the people we love. her's to 2011: time to live!!